Frequently Asked Questions About The Appellate Brief Template


  • What is the Appellate Brief Template?
    The appellate brief template is a fully formatted Microsoft Word document. It saves you time and money by eliminating the burdensome formatting normally required when writing an appellate brief.

    It has all or the formatting that’s normally required in an appellate brief. Unlike other legal template sites, the appellate brief template is not a fillable form or a PDF, but is instead a completely customizable Word document that’s been formatted as an appellate brief.

    The template is intended for attorneys and other legal professionals who simply do not have the time to waste on the painstaking process of formatting an appellate brief.

  • What type of legal arguments are included in the template?
    None. This is not a legal template similar to divorce papers or bills of sale. The appellate brief is likely the most difficult document to format in the legal profession. An appellate brief is also an incredibly important legal document that requires a great deal of time and energy to create.

    This template is designed under the mindset that many attorneys and legal professionals must spend their time wisely. It simply cannot be said that an attorney’s time is being spent wisely while they, or their staff, waste hours desperately trying to format an appellate brief in Microsoft Word. For whatever reason, Microsoft Word has made the process foolishly cumbersome, time-consuming, and simply an unneeded stresser.

    Downloading the template allows you more resources to apply to your brief because it eliminates time-wasters. It saves you time by coming pre-formatted with distinct formatting styles and instructions on how to make any adjustments required by your jurisdiction, and simply increases your quality of life by eliminating another source of stress in your career.

  • How Does Your Site Handle Refunds?

    Case by Case Basis

    Due on the nature of the product, a downloadable Microsoft Word Document that contains specific and easily applied formatting styles that make it faster and easier to format your brief, refunds are handled on a case by case basis based upon circumstances surrounding that particular request.

  • How do I purchase the Appellate Brief Template?

    Add the Appellate Brief Template to Your Shopping Cart

    Upon adding the template to your shopping cart you’ll be redirected to the Check Out Page

    The Check Out Page

    After being directed to the Check Out page, fill in your name and email. While other sites make the checkout process needlessly grueling, all for the purposes of compiling your data,, you just need to give the basics on this site. You’re a busy person and your time’s not going to be wasted here filling out a bunch of forms or receiving spam. This site will never send you spam. 

    Here are the time-savingly simplistic checkout details required:

    Checkout page for the appellate brief template for Microsoft Word. includes table of contents, table of authorities and more.

    This site will never send unsolicited spam email.

    Side note: The Importance of Creating An Account

    Creating an account ensures that you’ll be able to instantly download your brief template as soon as your order is complete. As discussed frequently, you’ll also receive an invoice containing your download link, and further you’ll be redirected from PayPal back to your downloads page after completing your order.

    Once again as with the Check Out Details, you wouldn’t be reading this if your time wasn’t valuable. Creating an account is as simple as creating a password.

    Downloading an appellate brief template has never been easier with Paypal. An appellate brief template makes writing an appellate brief faster and easier.

    The site never receives your password and can be easily changed and reset

    By creating an account, you’re taking another step towards making formatting an appellate brief faster and easier because you can download your appellate brief anytime and anywhere you need it over the 10-day lifespan of your download link. This means no hunting through emails trying to find your invoice so you can use your Appellate Brief download link.

    Securely Purchase the Appellate Brief Template Through PayPal

    All orders are handled through PayPal. The site does not receive any financial information nor will you ever receive spam from the site. Your information will not be given to third parties.

    After I’ve Securely Purchased My Appellate Brief Template Through PayPal, What Next?

    Download your template and start working on that brief!

    After your purchase through PayPal,you can simply follow the link on PayPal directing you back to the site and download your template. 

    You’ll also receive an invoice containing a download link containing your formatted appellate brief template to the email provided to the site. (Note: it could take up to 3 minutes to receive your invoice from the site.)

    Additional Bonus: If you’ve created an account, simply go to your My Accounts page and you’ll see a link to download your appellate brief template.

  • What happens after I purchase the template through Paypal?
    Follow the redirect link on PayPal after you’ve completed your order. You will then be directed to our order received page and you can download your link from there.

    Additionally, an email containing a download link will be sent to the email you provided.

    If you’ve created an account, go to your My Account page and your downloads will be there.

  • Is it hard to format an appellate brief?
    That really depends on how you define hard but generally yes. Crafting your legal argument and writing your brief is hard. However you’re likely a lawyer, student, or other legal professional, and writing your brief is something you’ve been trained to do. The stress associated with writing your brief is simply part of the job and it can be mitigated with preparation and experience.

    Formatting your brief is a different kind of stress because here, you’re at the mercy of a Microsoft Office and success doesn’t necessarily hinge on your legal skills. Formatting success is entirely dependent on your knowledge of Microsoft Word.

    Even with a good working knowledge of Word, formatting an appellate brief takes a lot trial and error. You must be willing to accept that it could possibly take many hours to get it right.

    You also have to accept that there is an extreme amount of room for user error and you might make mistakes that you’re unaware of until the unfortunate moment you’re confronted with them.

    There are countless videos and online tutorials explaining how to format an appellate brief. They tend to be long, require multiple viewings, and are exactly as exciting as you would expect them to be. And again, there is a lot of room for error. If formatting an appellate brief were easy, then there would not be countless hours of online tutorials on the topic.

    Final Advice: If you decide to format your brief yourself, it’s unwise to wait until the last minute to do it. You might find yourself in a very nasty situation.

    Of course, if you do wait until the last minute and the situation seems hopeless, terrifying, or simply a waste of time, you’re always welcome to come back and download an appellate brief template.

  • How long is my download link valid?
    Your download link is valid for 7 days starting from the date of purchase.
  • What is your privacy policy regarding my information?
  • What if I need to use a different font in my brief or make other customizations?
    No problem. The appellate brief template is a Word document, so you can make any changes as you normally would in Word. If you need to make additions or customizations, instructions are included to change the various formatting styles.
  • What if I didn’t get an email with a download link?
    On some servers, the email containing the download link can take up to 3 minutes to send. If after three minutes you still haven’t received your email, check your spam folder. If not there, use the forum on this page and submit a ticket.

    While delivery issues are few and far in between, they are usually handled within the hour if not instantaneously.

  • What happens if I don’t see that my template downloaded?
    With virtually every browser, upon downloading something from the internet, you are prompted to either save as or open. However if you’re using Safari you may not receive this prompt and may not see the download animation.

    However if you clicked the link, your template downloaded. Check your downloads folder.

Questions About the Appellate Brief Template?

Ask your questions here and they will be answered within 1 Business Day

Note: All inquiries that contain full names are edited and abbreviated before being posted publicly to protect your confidentiality. You will not receive spam from this site nor will your contact information ever be sold, or otherwise distributed, to third parties for marketing purposes.


  1. k  September 18, 2020

    I wanted to get my brother to download it for me. Using his PayPal account. Can he pay for it and then send it to me, by emailing a link?

    • Appellate Brief Templates  September 19, 2020

      Yes sir. Now there is a download limit for cases where one person will buy it and then send it to a lot of people, but I don’t think that applies to you here.

      In fact, here’s a coupon code for 25% off of your entire order. fb-abt-25

  2. Eileen S.  June 5, 2020

    The error for the downloading problem has been totally mine. I checked with Paypal and they did not have our new e-mail information. I gave them the new info which is REDACTED.

    The had an old e-mail address which we have not used for several years which was REDACTED. It was Northeast REDACTED. We now live in PA and no longer use that. I am not computer savvy! Thank you for your patience with my impatience!

    • Appellate Brief Templates  June 16, 2020

      My pleasure! Always happy to help and glad the Appellate Brief Template was useful to you in drafting your brief.

  3. Ryan  October 1, 2019

    Can this Word template by converted to PDF?

    • Appellate Brief Templates  October 1, 2019

      Yes. You can save a copy in Word as a pdf at any point during the drafting process.

  4. andrew  August 21, 2019

    do you have a template formatted for appeals to the Supreme Court of Alabama?

  5. Shirley Rone  July 3, 2019

    Can this software be use for the respondent brief? Do you have a number for customer service if I need help? I would like to purchase the software today. Your reply ASAP is truly appreciated. Thank you. Shirley

    • Appellate Brief Templates  July 4, 2019

      Yes, the appellate brief template can be used as a Respondent Brief. It’s highly customizable. While the site does not offer phone support. All inquiries are answered within one business day and the template comes with instructions.

      Furthermore, the video is also helpful. Thank you for your interest in the Appellate Brief Template.

  6. Ken  November 4, 2018

    I have a computer in several rooms of my home (office & bedroom). Can I work on the template on one computer, save what I created, then resume working on what I saved on a different computer? If yes, how to do that?


    • Appellate Brief Templates  November 7, 2018


      You most certainly can! The template is a Microsoft word document, albeit with specific formatting files, so you can work from any computer just as you would with any other Word document.

  7. Bruce  April 26, 2018

    Will your template work on a Second Circuit US Court of Appeals brief?

    • Appellate Brief Templates  April 10, 2018

      Yes. The template can be modified to fit your jurisdiction’s requirements. Just check the applicable rules first.

  8. jackson071  March 22, 2018

    Does the table of contents change automatically when you change a heading for example in the main document? Need to know ASAP

    • Appellate Brief Templates  March 22, 2018

      No you have to update the TOC. This is usually done by clicking references, then clicking the update Table in the Table of Contents field.

  9. Joanne  January 31, 2018

    Can this brief be used for New York State?

    • Appellate Brief Templates  February 2, 2018


      Thanks for your interest in the Appellate Brief Template! The Appellate Brief Template is a highly customizable Microsoft Word document. While, each jurisdiction has their own formatting requirements, the Appellate Brief Template can be easily formatted to meet your jurisdictions requirements. So while the Appellate Brief Template is not specifically formatted according to New York State Court, it can be easily customized to comply with their brief requirements.

      Thanks again for your interest in the Appellate Brief Template!

  10. Sam  January 17, 2018

    The 3d app dist. requires 1 an 1/2 side margins.

    How can I get the Table of contents to meet this requirement ????

    • Appellate Brief Templates  January 17, 2018


      There’s a couple of different ways to do that but here’s the easiest way:

      1. Highlight your table of contents, authorities, or whatever else you want to change.

      2. On the Page Layout Tab in word, click margins and then click custom margins.

      3. Change margin to whatever you need to change it to.

      4. At the bottom it should say “Apply to:”

      Make sure that Selected Sections is selected.

  11. coronadosam  December 21, 2017

    Is this the place for comment or both comment and question?

    I have a question, Why do you provide 10 downloads in 10 days? I do not understand the value of another nine if I already have one to use the rest of my life?

    Help me out…

    Thanks, Sam
    PS I am looking forward to it!!!

    • Appellate Brief Template  December 22, 2017

      I would say it’s a weird rule that just kind of developed out of necessity. There were people who, for whatever reason beyond me, downloaded it a suspicious amounts of time. And ten days just seemed like a reasonable amount of time to download it. Also some people might want to download it on multiple computers, but I agree, 1 time is likely sufficient.

      Personally, and I am biased, but I use
      a version of the appellate brief almost daily. Even if you don’t include a table of contents and what not, it still makes drafting motions easier. The template make the process clean. And even if you don’t include the toc in the brief motion, it still makes drafting motions easier because it’s then basically you’re outline. And the hyperlinks…

      I’m going to try to include more practical versions of the template, for example, more practical versions of it in motion practice that I’ve found helpful in the near future.

      This site isn’t legalzoom, it’s essentially for lawyers who have to do work but just need a nice looking template. A toc and toa makes a fed motion to compel look so much cleaner. The argument is your own but formatting this stuff on your own sucks. The appellate Brief template makes it easier.

  12. G.L.  December 5, 2017

    Can appellate brief template be stored on a flashdrive or portable hard drive for convenient use?. Or does it require installation on a PC? Will it require constant updates and hidden fees? Or does my one-time purchase make the template my own with no strings attached? And, besides microsoft word, does it also work with Linux?

    • Appellate Brief Templates  December 5, 2017

      This is a great question and I appreciate you asking it. When you purchase the Appellate Brief Template:

      1. There are no hidden fees. You are allowed 10 downloads from the site in a 10 day period. If for some reason, you failed to save the downloaded template to your computer or flash drive, you would have to purchase another template. Unfortunately, this policy was forced to be implemented due to a few bad apples.

      2. Yes you can, and probably should, save the template to your flash drive or computer. I’d like to take this opprutunity to address something here as others have shared your concern.

      3. The Appellate Brief Template is not a program, but instead it’s a Word Document that contains formatting styles which allow you to quickly and easily format your appellate brief.

      4. The template will never require an update and is compatible with all versions of Word.

      5. Yes the template is yours, to do with as you wish, with only a few small, yet reasonable strings.

      A. You can’t redistribute the template to other people. Of course you may submit your finished brief to whatever demanding authority that’s demanding that you write an appellate brief, and if you’re a particularly unlucky soul, use the template to create additional briefs, but the template itself is yours and yours alone.

      You cannot redistribute, for any reason, the template itself to other persons. For example, if you’re an attorney at a firm and you found the template incredibly helpful, you cannot then give the template to your colleague so that they now have this amazing template. They need to order their own.

      If you’re with a firm and would like to use the template for multiple attorneys, discounts are available for bulk purchases.

      Thanks again for reaching out and I hope this answers your questions. Regardless of whether you choose to purchase the template, good luck on your brief!

      • Appellate Brief Templates  December 5, 2017

        As for Linux, I’ve heard of people using it with Open Office, but no guarantees are made. Please proceed at your own risk if you’re using Linux or Open Office. Microsoft Word is highly recommended and the template was specifically designed for and with Microsoft Word.

  13. Mark C.`  November 8, 2017

    Please excuse my ignorance to this matter, but Is this the Brief template I would use fory my opening Brief?

    Sincerley, Mark

    • Appellate Brief Templates  November 9, 2017

      Yes. However you should really be a licensed attorney before you consider writing an appellate brief.

  14. Brenda  November 7, 2017

    Can this template be used for state of maine

    • Appellate Brief Templates  November 7, 2017

      Yes, the Appellate Brief Template Can Be Used For Maine and Any Other Jurisdiction.

      However, that’s merely a conditional yes as to your question. While many jurisdictions have similar rules, there’s no one-size-fits-all Appellate brief. Each state and the federal court have their own local rules for the format of not only Appellate briefs, but many countless other rules concerning a variety of other topics. It’s important you read the rules of procedure for the jurisdiction you are filing in.

      Additionally, as another example, virtually every court has their own local rules that may or may not address formatting, among many other things. It’s important you read these local rules as well.

      Now to the good part, yes the Appellate brief can help you write your brief in Miane!

      If you’ve you written an Appellate or advanced brief before, you’ve likely lived the nightmare that is formatting. The brief solves that as all of the hard parts, except marking your citations,which you have to manually do.

      But the Appellate Brief Template’s table of contents, proper pagination, the format of your eventual table of authorities, and many other quality of life features are included.

      The Template also comes with directions on how to efficiently use it and also on how to change the styles and formatting to meet your jurisdictions requirements

      Further, this is not a program or otherwise application. It’s a word document for Microsoft Word. So even if you had an issue and the directions mentioned it, you’re only a google search away from further relevant explanation.

      Finally, I just want to stress that there are no statutes, case citations, or otherwise legal language provided in the Template. It’s intended for attorneys or other legal professionals. If you’re representing yourself, I would strongly recommend trying to hire an attorney.

      I wish you good fortunes in the briefs to come!

  15. elena  October 25, 2017

    The confirmation from paypal says you are sending the appellate brief template I just purchased to
    That is my old email. My new email is which is where it should be sent.

    • Appellate Brief Templates  November 17, 2017

      Ok not a problem your email has been changed. Thanks for your order and good luck on your briefs.

  16. gregoruy  October 3, 2017

    if I cite a case or statute will it go to the appropriate table of contents in the brief?

    • Appellate Brief Templates  October 6, 2017

      Hi Gregoruy,

      Thanks for your interest in the Appellate Brief Template. Typically, your cases and statutes go in the Table of Authorities. While the Appellate Brief Template allows you to easily create a Table of Authorities, you must first properly mark your citations in Word.

      Here is a helpful tutorial on marking your citations in Word.

      Marking Citations For Table of Authorities

  17. Timothy S.  August 1, 2017

    can i use this template for nj appelate court also if i download this now is it only good for seven days what if iy takes longer for me to finish this breif i need to know it this template is good in nj it doesnt say any of its specs

    • Appellate Brief Templates  August 1, 2017

      Thanks for your interest in the appellate brief template! While the particular rules for formatting an appellate brief vary slightly in each jurisdiction, the formatting requirements are largely similar. The great thing about the appellate brief is that it can be easily formatted to fit your jurisdictions requirements if they differ from the template’s formatting. In this case, it appears the appellate brief template would work well for you as New Jersey courts seem to largely mimic the federal rules, which the appellate brief template is based. However you should refer to your jurisdictions rules and if not an attorney or other legal professional, consult legal counsel.

      Here is a link for New Jersey’s Rules of Procedure. Further, here is a direct link to New Jersey’s formatting rules regarding appellate briefs. The template’s formatting requirements are listed here.

      Download Period
      The time available to download the appellate brief template is 7 days, however you’re free to personally use the template for as long as you wish and the template does not expire.. The appellate brief template is not a program but instead a highly specialized and formatted Microsoft Word document that allows attorneys and other legal professionals to format the briefs faster and easier. The download period only means that you can download a fresh copy of the template for 7 days. The appellate brief template you download upon purchase never expires and is always available for you to use.

      I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck on your appeals.

  18. Deb  November 16, 2016

    do you know if this is formatted for Connecticut appeals?

  19. Stephanie  November 15, 2016

    I paid for the download and I didnt receive a link or an email to download. Can someone contact me to help out with this please?

    • Stephanie  November 15, 2016

      Thank you for your fast response Got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Walter  October 11, 2016

    I don’t have Microsoft Office/Word and an not able to download the document in any form. How do I download the content w/o MS Office?
    Please RSVP ASAP…

    • Appellate Brief Templates  October 11, 2016

      You do need Microsoft Word to use the template. I spoke to one customer who was able to use the template with Open Office, but having Word is highly recommended.

  21. Benny I.  July 14, 2016

    Yes, it has been useful so far. However, I need , before the the front page to complete , before the pagination. Can you make the cover page only to enable me complete the brief ? Th

    • Appellate Brief Templates  July 14, 2016


      I’m glad the template has been useful!

      There aren’t any limits to your use of the template.

      I’m not completely sure as to what you’re asking. I’m going to send you an email momentarily. Give me a call if you’re still having issues.

      Thanks for your order!


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