Florida Notice of Appearance

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Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.505(e)

Appearance of Attorney. An attorney may appear in a proceeding in any of the following ways:

(1) By serving and filing, on behalf of a party, the party’s first pleading or paper in the proceeding.

(2) By substitution of counsel, but only by order of court and with written consent of the client, filed with the court. The court may condition substitution upon payment of, or security for, the substituted attorney’s fees and expenses, or upon such other terms as may be just.

(3) By filing with the court and serving upon all parties a notice of appearance as counsel for a party that has already appeared in a proceeding pro se or as co-counsel for a party that has already appeared in a proceeding by non- withdrawing counsel.



Florida Notice of Appearance

Every attorney representing a party or witness in any case or proceeding in this court must file a notice of appearance in the case or proceeding, except that the notice need not be filed when the appearance has previously been evidenced by the filing of a paper on behalf of the client.