Memorandum of Law Template

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The Memorandum of Law Template Saves You Time And Money

  • Easily Format your Memorandum of Law Tamplate
  • Templates Are Customizable Word Document
  • Works on Both PC and Mac Versions of Word
  • Instant Download After Payment through PayPal

The entire template is easily customizable and can be downloaded instantly after completing your secure order through PayPal.

Have peace of mind when downloading an appellate brief from All orders are handled through PayPal for your security and convenience.


The Memorandum of Law Template is Similar to the Appellate Brief Template and was Designed for Use at the Trial Court Level

Customizations are Effortless

Need an additional section in your brief? No problem! The brief comes loaded with additional formatting styles. Select the heading or text style from the Styles menu that you need to use or just copy and paste an existing section onto a new page. When you create a table of contents, the new section headings are added instantly!


The Brief Template is saved in Microsoft Office’s compatibility doc. format, ensuring you can use the template no matter which version of Word you have.Compatible with PC and Mac!

Secure Payment With PayPal

Payment is available through PayPal for your convenience and security.

Instant Download

After your order is completed, you can download your template from the site immediately! Additionally, you’ll also receive an email containing a download link.

Need Help? Instructions Included

Each Template includes instructions so that you can make any customizations effortlessly.

Alternatively, simply copy and paste your content into the placeholder text and your table of contents and headings will be perfectly formatted each time you make a change.

Just Copy and Paste

Each Memorandum of Law Template comes with formatted headings, table of contents, table of authorities, cover page, font styles, page numbers, footnotes, block quotes, and other quality of life features. Select the formatting styles you wish to use from the Styles menu, and your table of contents and headings will generate flawlessly.

Template Formatting

Font: Times New Roman;
Font Size: 12;
Font Alignment: Justified;
Margins: One Inch;
Line Spacing: Double;
Headings: Included;
Table of Contents: Included, generates from formatted headers;
Cover Page: Formatted Cover Page Included;
Pagination: No page numbering on the cover page, lower roman case numeral that begins at (“i”) for the TOC and Authorities sections, normal arabic numbering for the remainder of the brief. Center positioning;
Block Quote: Block quote styles and placeholder text is included;
Footnotes: Formatted footnote styles and placeholder text included;
Access:Instant download after order completion through PayPal.


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