Notice of Appearance

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The Notice of Appearance Template is an easy to use Microsoft Word Document that allows you to effortlessly draft a simple Notice of Appearance. The template is also completely customizable, so you won’t have to waste your precious time on mindless formatting.

  • Some of the Features Included in the Notice of Appearance Template Include:
  • Formatted Notice of Appearance for Microsoft Word;
  • Double-spaced, Times New Roman Font;
  • Proper Page Numbering;
  • Bracketed Placeholder Text to allow you quickly draft your Notice of Appearance;
  • Signature Block;
  • Certificate of Service; and
  • Make any changes you want! The Notice of Appearance Template is an easily-customizable template for Microsoft Word.

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Notice Of Appearance Template

While required by many courts, filing a Notice of Appearance ensures that the opposing party, and the court, give you notice of any actions that take place in that particular case. This could include dispositive motions, paperless orders, or even notification that a new attorney will be appearing as counsel of record. Notice of Appearance Template

Further, once an attorney files a Notice of Appearance, all contact from the court (notices , etc.), goes directly to the attorney. From here, most attorneys inform their clients of the contents of the corresponded and proceed accordingly. Additionally, the attorney representing the opposing party will only communicate with the attorney representing the party once they receive the Notice of Appearance.

If your time is important, then why waste it by having you, or your employees, format a document when you can download one instantly? As an attorney or other legal professional, it’s important to focus on the things that matter and avoid as much  trivial busywork as possible. Download the Notice of Appearance Template today!